Grease Traps

There are so many reasons for choosing Aluline for your Drainage solution requirements. We offer the market knowledge and technical expertise to ensure your drainage system is working to the maximum benefit for your business.

  • Over 30 years experience within the commercial Drainage Sector.
  • National Network of in house Qualified Engineers.
  • Regular on site monitoring of our Installed Equipment.
  • Comprehensive equipment and Engineer call out Guarantee.
You must know...

All Grease-Trapping equipment requires regular cleaning and checks to ensure that they function properly and carry out job they are designed to accomplish (i.e. removal or F.O.G. that can contaminate drainage systems, pumping stations and treatment plants).

Aluline encourage Staff Training on equipment, supply cleaning kits and provide advice and guidance on staff practices for better Drain Management in Commercial Kitchens.

It is a Criminal Act to pollute or cause blockage in Drainage Systems.

Prevention is the Cure